Self portrait of CasualPancakes

My name is Leah, but I am also known as CasualPancakes!

I am a digital artist, designer, and software engineer from Alberta, Canada.

I manage my own freelance digital artwork business, as I have completed over 300 projects with clients from across the globe. Speaking of, I am available for small illustration projects so feel free to reach out.

In my decade of experience I have explored the worlds of illustration, character design, graphic design, book illustration, game asset design (both tabletop and virtual), and more!

Headshot sample


Head Shot

A fully rendered illustration of the chest and up of any character

Still sample


Scene Still

A fully rendered illustration of the waist up, of any character, background, and quote

Fullbody sample



A fully rendered illustration of any full body character


I also offer the following additions to all orders:
- Additional characters
- Digital character sheet (view example)
- Painted backgrounds
- Familiars and mounts